Dublin Waste to Energy (temporary works)

//Dublin Waste to Energy (temporary works)
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Dublin Waste to Energy (temporary works)

The Dublin Waste to Energy Facility is a major infrastructure project representing an investment of approximately €500m in Ireland by Covanta, which will fully fund the cost of this major facility. Construction work commenced in October 2014 and is targeted to be completed in early 2017, with the plant to be fully commissioned by the end of 2017.

Working for the sheet piling sub-contractor AGEC designed  two interlinked cofferdams to facilitate deep excavations of between 4m and 6m deep in poor ground conditions using a combination of cantilever and propped sheet piles. The propping took the form of the sub-contractor’s proprietary bracing system which was modified in conjunction with AGEC to provide suitable bracing of suitable strength and stiffness.

AGEC also followed-up with design support for construction sequencing and design adjustments to accommodate obstructions encountered during driving of the sheet piles.



temporary works design

deep excavations

high-end numerical modelling

project value:

£500 million


complex cofferdam construction

deep excavations