Curragh Mountain Windfarm

//Curragh Mountain Windfarm
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Curragh Mountain Windfarm

The Curragh Mountain Wind Farm construction works were carried out as part of a design and build contract awarded to SIAC Construction Ltd.

AGEC was engaged as geotechnical designers on the project the and the following was undertaken:

  • Assessment of floating road construction.
  • Assessment of suitability with respect to proposed development
  • Inspection of ground conditions and a bearing capacity check for turbine bases
  • Peat management plan and monitoring programme with particular reference to peat stability for the construction phase
  • Numerous site inspections covering borrow areas, site drainage with respect to impact on ground conditions, access roads, substation compound and post construction site inspection

slope & peat stability assessment

geomorphology & geohazard assessment

project value:



peat management strategy

construction support

Curragh Mountain Windfarm