It’s been 25 years already?….

It’s been 25 years since our Technical Director, Paul Jennings, completed his PhD at the University of Cardiff. We thought it timely that we celebrate his work (and his advancing years) with a blog post! The research centred around landslide hazard assessment in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales. Funding for the project was sourced [...]

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The joy of Earthworks Engineering

We’re very much looking forward to getting our teeth into the Second Edition of Neil Trenter’s seminal Earthworks: A guide which has been updated by Paul Novak and Peter Gilbert. The revision brings the original edition into line with Eurocode 7 and BS6031:2009 but as stated in the preface to the second edition “since earthworks [...]

System reliability in slope stability

Last month’s issue of Geotechnique contained a paper by Reale, Xue and Gavin titled “System reliability of slopes using multimodal optimisation” [] which we thought was excellent. The author’s present an algorithm for examining many modes of failure of slopes simultaneously stating, correctly, that for a given slope, two potential failure mechanisms might exist with [...]