It’s been 25 years already?….

It’s been 25 years since our Technical Director, Paul Jennings, completed his PhD at the University of Cardiff. We thought it timely that we celebrate his work (and his advancing years) with a blog post! The research centred around landslide hazard assessment in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales. Funding for the project was sourced [...]

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Adding value with geomorphology

We don’t want to rail against computer modelling – we advocate high-end numerical modelling where it can add value for our clients – but we put huge emphasis on putting eyes on the site and examining the site’s geomorphology. It’s a core skill of ours which will never be superseded by complex constitutive soil models [...]

Voids within quarries – detection, survey and management

Our sister company, SubsurfaceLaser Scanning, has teamed up with Tarmac to present a joint paper at this year’s ExtractiveIndustry Geology (EIG) Conference on the topic ‘Voids within quarries – how to detect, survey and manage’. Presenting the paper on behalf of Subsurface Laser Scanning will be Director, Subsurface Laser Scanning and Senior Manager, Liam Murphy. [...]