It’s been 25 years already?….


It’s been 25 years since our Technical Director, Paul Jennings, completed his PhD at the University of Cardiff. We thought it timely that we celebrate his work (and his advancing years) with a blog post!

The research centred around landslide hazard assessment in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales. Funding for the project was sourced from the NERC / SERC “Geohazards” initiative which followed from a spate of landslides that occurred in the area in throughout the 1980s. Paul examined indirect methods of identifying /predicting landslides in the region through use of multi-variate statistical analysis. The work was undertaken with an industrial partner (Halcrow).

Reflecting on his work, which took four years to complete, Dr. Jennings says “A labour of love certainly not least because walking the valleys of south Wales is a most enjoyable experience. Summarily, the work ended up being used by the planning department of the Rhondda Cynon Taf Borough Council for zoning of housing and infrastructure in consideration of landslide risk. It was hard work certainly – as most PhD students will tell you, completion is more about perseverance than anything else!”.

Dr. Jennings subsequently went to work for Halcrow in Hong Kong and has been involved in many other landslide assessments, notably with Irish Rail in assessing the stability of cuttings in glacial till around rail assets in southwest Ireland, a summary of which can be found in our downloads section here.

We salute you and your good work Dr. Jennings and here’s to the next 25 years….

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